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One of the biggest challenges employers face is trying to attract and retain quality employees by providing attractive employee benefit programs, and at the same time keeping the costs of providing these programs under control. This is a difficult challenge with the inflationary pressures in our economy today.

Moreover, rarely do you find the employer and the employee agreeing with the value of each of the benefit programs. Employees may have a different viewpoint on the value they feel they are receiving from their benefit program offered by the employer. This perception gap is the ultimate challenge employers face in trying to manage their benefit dollar.

Total Benefits Advisors has developed a way to bridge this gap in perception. Our comprehensive approach starts with identifying the needs and goals of your company and understanding the objectives you are trying to achieve. From this vantage point, we can begin to create an innovative strategy for your firm.

Our Benefit Integration Review project will answer the following questions:

  • What are your total benefit dollars by product line, by company, and by participant?
  • How competitive are your benefit costs relative to other companies in the industries where you have businesses operating?
  • What benefit programs do your employees really want?
  • What benefit programs are less important to them?
  • What benefit programs will deliver higher impact and greater visibility to the participants?
  • How can you redesign your benefit programs to make them more efficient?
  • What are ways to help control your benefit costs in the future?
  • What uses of technology can aid in managing your programs more efficiently?
  • What concrete steps should be taken to implement the integration ideas?

Total Benefits Advisors offers a distinctive and integrated approach to helping you answer these questions and achieving greater value out of your benefit program. The Benefit Integration Review project is a simple way to get started with us and does not interfere with any existing relationships. You truly benefit from our independent review and can act on any of the recommendations at your discretion. We want to prove to you there is a more efficient way of managing your benefit costs and comprehensive ways to obtain greater value from your benefit programs. We look forward to being your benefits partner!

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